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Photo Gallery

The Tzelem Launch

Wednesday 28 January 2015 at the State Rooms, Speaker’s House, House of Commons.

Tzelem Rabbis Visit Harmondsworth Detention Centre

8 April 2015, a group of 9 Tzelem Rabbis and Student Rabbis visited Harmondsworth Detention Centre to meet detainees and learn more about the immigration detention system in the UK. Thanks to Rene Cassin and Detention Action for organising the event.

Tzelem hosts Time4aTimeLimit interfaith tent at Harmondsworth Moor

4 July 2015, together with clergy from other faiths Tzelem hosted an interfaith protest tent at Harmondsworth Moor to call attention to the campaign Time4aTimeLimit. Thanks again to our partners Rene Cassin and Detention Action for helping us make it happen.

Tzelem Refugee Crisis Letter

21 September 2015, Tzelem delivers a letter to the Prime Minister signed by over a hundred Rabbis and cantors recalling how grateful the Jewish community was for the Kindertransport children being allowed into Britain, and asking for the Government to take in refugees who are fleeing their homes currently. 

Tzelem Urges MPs to Vote for Change to Asylum Detention System

On 20 April, we partnered with Rene Cassin to organise over 60 faith and community leaders at the House of Commons. We went with a simple message; the system of indefinite immigration detention is 'inefficient, expensive and unjust' and is in desperate need of reform. For more info about the event see our News section.

Chanukah Rededication

In 2028 we rededicated our movement to critical social and economic justice issues in the UK through our Chanukah video project.

Tzelem Partners with Shelter on Social Housing Project

In partnership with Shelter, we undertook a social housing project that sought to advance advocacy and awareness raising on behalf of those on benefits who were experiencing discrimination in accessing housing and involved Synagogues by educating them about the issues and about Jewish teachings on homelessness.

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