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Tzelem: The Rabbinic Call for Social and Economic Justice in the UK


Guiding Principles


God created humankind in God's own image Gen 1:27


You shall love the stranger because you were strangers in the land of Egypt Deut 10:19


1. Tzelem is a cross communal group.


2. Tzelem will be open to rabbis and cantors. 


3. Tzelem will deal with issues in the UK and will not be involved with campaigning on Israel.


4. Tzelem will be a member-led organisation, working in ways defined by the membership.


5. Tzelem will be supported and guided by a steering team, comprised of selected members of Tzelem.


6. Tzelem will be supported and guided by skilled advisors.


7. Tzelem will be supported by a Jewish Values Team.


8. Tzelem is interested in building relational power and will utilise the methodology of community organising in order to function as a group.


9. Tzelem aims to pursue issues that are deeply and widely felt by the members.


10. Tzelem is open and encourages working with partner organisations and individuals in campaign work.


11. Tzelem will have a strong virtual forum in order to allow members to fully participate without the need for regular attendance at face-to-face meetings.


12. Tzelem wishes to provide training and useful resources to its members on various issues of social and economic justice, using outside speakers as necessary.


13. Tzelem will engage with the press and foster strong relationships with the Jewish, local and national media.


14. Tzelem will also provide a centralised point of contact for the media, Jewish and non-Jewish organisations and others to make the best use of rabbinic and cantorial voices.


15. Tzelem will also provide support for rabbis and cantors in their pursuit of social and economic justice and allow members to share resources and ideas.


16. Tzelem will encourage members to speak personally, respectfully and honestly with one another, developing a culture of mutual respect and ‘compassionate truth-telling’.


17. Tzelem members will act as its ambassadors to congregations and the wider community for its spiritual vision.

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